Riding Life


My days are different now. If I want to ride, lots of stars have to align. The weather has to cooperate because my riding area turns in to a muddy bog if the sky thinks of rain. I have to not get caught in traffic coming home from work. I work 50 minutes from my house and that’s on a good day when traffic doesn’t impede me. My husband’s work schedule has to allow him to pick up the baby in the afternoon so that I can go straight home and ride before either of them gets back to the house.  And my husband has to be not so sick that he can’t get off the couch.

I was able to ride last Tuesday, even though I had a horrible cold.  I was planning on riding both days this weekend.  The weather was going to be gorgeous, Fox got to go out in only a fly sheet for the first time this year and my husband was getting off early enough that I would have plenty of daylight left while he watched Her Majesty(one of my daughter’s many pet names)

I had all the stars in line, except that last one.  My husband came down with the cold that I’d had except his was ten times worse.  Instead of riding on Saturday I packed the baby in to the car and went to Walmart for supplies for my ailing husband plus dinner for me.  Sunday my husband didn’t even go to work. He had spent the night before hardly able to breathe and unable to sleep.

That afternoon I put the baby in to her car seat and towed her out to the horse trailer.  She got to watch me clean and organize for my upcoming trip with Fox to central Virginia for a lesson with our new coach.  Then she fell asleep while I groomed, sprayed Fox’s crappy feet with anti-fungus treatment, then pull his mane so the looks presentable on Saturday.

It wasn’t the weekend I had planned, but I did get Fox to load in the trailer quickly and easily. Hopefully he will do the same on Saturday.  Superhubs and Her Majesty will be going with me on Saturday.  It’s a long drive and I wanted the company and the help.

I’ll let you know how it goes.