Her Majesty Makes a Grand Entrance

baby1_aI have finally arrived on the other side of motherhood! Little Miss Alexandra arrived on a Sunday morning in early October.  True to form she was on her own schedule and arrived two weeks ahead of when the doctors predicted her arrival.

At around 2am on a Sunday morning in early October I jerked awake. Now the baby had woken me up in the middle of the night plenty of times before, with heartburn, because she wanted to shift around or because she was holding her own Zumba class in my stomach.  This was different, this was her ever so politely telling me that her arrival was eminent and I should get thee to the hospital.  Soon please.  So I rolled (because it was the only way I could get in and out of bed) out of bed and went to take a shower because who knew when I’d get to shower again. I pulled on my going to the hospital clothes and then went to wake up my husband who was still sleeping and oblivious.

I shook him awake, at which point he looked at the time on his phone, mumbled something about not having to be at work for a few more hours and went back to sleep.  I shook him again, again he tried to go back to sleep.  I shook him a third time and said very loudly. “No dear, your daughter, the hospital, let’s go.”

This motivated him, but because the contractions were still about ten minutes apart he got up, showered, dressed and did the animal chores before we got in to the car and made the hour long drive to the hospital.  We got to the hospital at about 4am.  I checked in, the OB and Nurse on duty checked me for dilation, told me I wasn’t and said either go home or walk around the hospital but it could be hours or days before it was really time.

My husband and I decided to go home. I found out later that each of us in our own heads were thinking we should have hung around the hospital but neither of us said anything.  Keep this in mind for later.

So we drove the hour home, stopping to pick up some food on the way and got back to the house.  I tried to lay down in the bedroom but not only were the contractions worse at this point but the baby was kicking me as well.  Really?!  Contractions AND you’re kicking me? So not cool.  After about thirty minutes at home I couldn’t take the pain any more and begged my husband to take me back to the hospital.  Even if the baby wasn’t ready they could at least do something for the pain.

So we get back in the car and start driving to the hospital again.  About half way there my husband starts slowing down and pulling over.  At this point the pain was so bad that I couldn’t not scream.  The pain just had no where else to go.  I freaked when my husband started pulling to the side of the highway.

“What are you doing, why are we stopping, no stopping, hospital, now!”    He quietly informed me that we had a flat tire.  Son of…  He got out and changed the tire.  Of course the day before I’d gotten feed which was still piled in the back of my car, which he had to remove to get to the spare tire then put back.  By this time I was already feeling the urge to push and had a very real fear that I was going to have this baby in the car.  Superhubs finally gets back in the car but tells me that we have to take it slow and easy because the spare is a donut not a real tire.  I want to cry at this point.

Eventually we get to the hospital.  Superhubs drops me out front and goes to park the car.  I find myself a wheel chair and wait for him to come back hoping I won’t start screaming in the hospital lobby.  We make it up stairs to Labor and Delivery for the second time that day, Superhubs starts taking care of the check in stuff and I sit trying not writhe until a big contraction hits and I can’t hold back the scream.  At which point I get swarmed by every doctor in L&D.  I get checked a second time and I’m at 10 centimeters, time to push.  And I start asking for my epidural.  Every person in that room gave me the sad, you are delusional look, because it was too late for the epidural.  This mind you had been my whole birthing plan.   Drugs and lots of them.  No dice.

I got settled in the delivery room, treated to oxygen, some blocks to take the sting out of everything and the Chief of OB holding my hand through the whole thing.  Which thankfully lasted about 15 minutes.  Yep. You heard that correctly my actual labor was 15 minutes long.

Alexandra came in to the world with a lot of drama.  Thankfully the rest of it, except the stitches, sooo many stitches, has been drama free.  She is a super happy, smiling baby.