An Eventer’s Surprise Journey

Back in January of this year I was tucked in to my little farm house, watching my horses out the kitchen window and hiding from the nasty weather.  I was also trying to decide what to do with my gelding, Fox, this year to further our competition goals.

For the last five years I’ve been trying to complete a Beginner Novice Recognized event.  It should have been easy. I lived in Area II after all, in the beginning I had a great, if temperamental partner in my OTTB mare Seneca aka Cameraine. I had my own horse trailer and knowledge enough to round out our basics with access to some great people to help me.  So why wasn’t I there yet?

My mare started coming up on and off lame at end of the summer in 2012 after a really great year with loads of progress and finally finding an awesome coach that I rode with every few months.  After several vet visits, x-rays, hundreds of dollars spent we were no nearer a definite answer for my mare’s issues.  I decided, tearfully, to retire her.  Don’t feel too bad for her she’s currently a fat, brown babysitter with no duties more strenuous than letting me groom and bathe her.

A year later enter my new partner Thrill Factor, aka Fox. He came in to my life the week after Labor Day in 2013.  We spent that autumn getting to know one another and then I gave him the winter off to settle in to his new home and life.  He had been a pampered racehorse and now he lived out 24/7 and had his very own person rather than a herd of people that spent just a little time with him before moving on to the next horse.

My work schedule at the time made it really hard to get much real training done but we trail rode and did small schooling shows.  We did an awesome clinic with Dom Schramm one summer and finished that year with a disaster of an outing at Kelly’s Ford.  The next year we still hadn’t gotten out much but kept plugging away, going to schooling shows and finished the fall season with another clinic with Dom Schramm where we learned a lot.

Which brings us to 2016.  I was bound and determined to make this the year we finished by at least going BN at an unrecognized trial if not a recognized one.  We were going to conquer all our demons. Which is exactly when the Universe threw a major wrench in all my plans.  Superhubs and I had been married for almost twenty years.  I fully admit I had never really wanted kids.  We’d been telling both our families for years we weren’t going to have kids.  Not once in all those years was there ever a hint of kids in our future.

Until a day this past February, a week before my fortieth birthday, when I was late.  I am never late.  I waited a couple more days, finally, laughing, got a pregnancy test and peed on the little stick.  There weren’t any little lines that I could have blown off.  Nope is was that one word I never thought would ever come out of my mouth.  Pregnant.   My exact words when I saw this were. “Well shit.”

Which is now the beginning of this whole new journey for me.  The struggle to fit my horse life, my work life and now my mom life all together in to one cohesive whole.  Other disciplines say that eventers are crazy.  We are the adrenaline junkies, the thrill seekers of the horse world.  Add a baby in to that mix.  Bring on the insanity!